Ello!  My name is Amanda Werner, lead design here at The Giving  Box.  A few summers ago, my families weekend schedule was seemingly filled with gifting events to attend.  It became an endless discussion of what should we gift?  We knew we wanted to give something useful yet memorable.  A gift that friends and love ones would truely appreciate for its practicality and beauty.  
Within the same time frame, we began discovering some very awesome local products, and the curiosity of local fare and craftsmanship ignited!  Living in an enviro-friendly household, our vision was to figure a way to use all reusable items in the gifts including its textiles providing our unique look.  I was always an art enthusiast, a shopper, a people lover, pretty darn good at talking A LOT, and not afraid of being told No, so all those qualities aided in building what The Giving Box is today.  
We use all locally curated Pennsylvania makers and have fallen in love with our brand and the artisans with whom we work with.  Our goal is to always be gifting high quality local products while keeping our vibe update to the freshest trends on the market! 
Thanks for poppin by and we hope you decide to gift The Giving Box way! 
XO Amanda