All of us at The Giving Box try really hard to keepin it Green!  We use reusable water bottles, collect our drinking water by using local springs storing it in glass carboys!  We recycle, we compost, we have an amazing garden which we water using the stream the passes us on our property.  We buy glass products always when we can, ride our bicycles or walk, take public transportation as much as possible but at the end of the day we are all humans and we make waste and use energy.  

Why we choose to use Smart Water Bottles… 
Sometimes when gifting, we have to follow some needs of the gifter.  In particular our gifts that we deliver to hotels.  Water is a necessity and how nice is it to be gifting water that will be consumed while guests are away from home living in a hotel for a day or more.   An item that will be definitely be used.  Most hotels you will find bottles that you may purchase but are brands a little less desirable than others.  In picking out which brand we would use for our gifts, we choose Smart Water due to the following reasons. 
Vapor-Distilled Enhanced with Electrolytes Added Minerals Premium Water  But our Real Reason for choosing... It’s reputation as being Reusable 
Bottle Review
Using the Mini Sawyer Water Filtration System <> or its lowest purchasing price can be found on amazon for $17.61 pared with the Smart Water bottle is growing popularity quickly!  It's extremely lightweight, the mini weighing in at 2 ounces and filtering up to 100,000 gallons.  You can attach the mini onto the smart water bottle, which are cheap, durable, ultralight, and fit into just about any backpack.  Now we know what you are thinking.  A disposable, $2.00 water bottle is an award winning product? The reality is that many folk on the trail, especially thru-hikers and weight-conscious backpackers, use a Smartwater bottle.   < For a full review you can go to written by Arthur McMahon> 
And here is a our personal friend Jacob Gilliland on the CDT using his smart water bottle on the trail!  You can check his bio out on his blog 
This guy knows a thing or two about thru-hiking as he has the AT and PCT already under his belt and currently is working on the CDT!