Why We Love Our Vendors

Each vendor is hand selected to ensure the high quality of gifting. Most of our vendors, we do not only love their products, we love the friendships we have developed! We are just as proud of the products as their makers feel about them. And are thankful they all gave a chance on us promoting them!

What Makes Us Giving Box

Our staple handmade wooden boxes- made by The Giving Box or rather mi Mum! Carol Speck has perfected her craft of creating the lovely wooden box, while I’ll take credit for the designs! The finishing touches that make the box really stand out from the rest, Ear Emporium(a local company) lasers on our logo, your personal or business logo on the box! ••Hesston/Lemont, PA

Honey Locust Home

Our soap maker- Mindy is a soap maker goddess! Her soap is a work of art in its own, and our favorite kind of lather! The eco-friendly bar is a for sure regular in our Giving Boxes! ••Kulpsville, Pa

Tim Spins Lures

Fishing Lures-who in Central Pa doesn’t love a summertime fishing expedition, right! Tim has been crafting lures for 30 years however with his son’s encouragement made this a working and growing business. As his family are avid fishing enthusiasts with countless hours of catching fish, we couldn't resist bringing this family business on the team! ••Philipsburg, Pa

Nittany Mountain Works

Fanny packs, ditty bags, backpacks- A new favorite of ours, as we learned about this awesome local vendor when our family’s interest peaked for climbing! We learned of their other company Organic Climbing who make top of the line climbing mats and chalk bags and the rest is history! We love these guys and love to create our boxes with them when we can! ••Philipsburg, Pa

Suhey Peppers

Hot or Original Flavors- First off this is a pretty staple item you see at a PSU tailgate, upon adding so much yumminess to your hoagie, we had to team up with Paul. Paul’s mother actually began this pepper making recipe in her home prior to becoming a business, and now we can see it has passed down to the next generation and so happy about that! •• State College, Pa

Calicutts Spice Co.

Handcrafted Spices- this Mother & Son-In-Law team is on the cutting edge of something great! These spice artisans handcraft weekly from a small batch of freshly ground single-origin spices sourced from partner farms. Their shop is so cute, well designed, and decorated to fit our style! Cooking is a total necessity, and I know I like food that taste yummo and to have a knowledge about where it all came from is great!!! ••Harrisburg, Pa

Word Work & Leather

Levi is one cool cat, a total hipster! We were planning for some groom gifts and a wallet was requested to be placed in each box, I looked up Levi's company and they happily accepted the paternship! He creates from his apartment while attending PSU to grab an mechanical engineering degree. The fact that I love most about his company, he purchases all of this leather from Wickett & Craig tannery in Curwensville. They have been around since 1867 and one of two vegetable tanner left in this country! ••State College, PA

Red Hawk Premium Peppers- Hot Sauce

All of Dan’s hot sauces are 100% all natural with no chemical additives or preservatives! They are a family owned business whose products feature some of the hottest and most exotic peppers, and they are not kidding about that- tame the reaper for instance! They grow their organic peppers with techniques that have a minimal environmental impact. With a hand selecting pepper process only the highest quality is available! We Say you will not be disappointed with any of their sauces ••Reedsville, PA

Moonrise Candle Co.

This father/son duo use their creative energies and artistic talents to create high quality small batch soy candles. They are packaged in a cute lil tin or stored in brown glass/wooden containers with an artsy hipster vibe labeling and fill your home with amazing scents! In fact we are burnin the citrus + patchouli now as we writing about our vendors! ••Harrisburg, Pa

McNeal's Pennsylvania Pure Maple Syrup

Tapping trees in forests in and surrounding State College areas, which makes this maple syrup a lil fun extra morning treat! We wanted to create a Brunch Box that featured all Pennsylvania breakfast foods and we didn't look any longer after seeing their cute bottling! We are total suckers for great labeling and its even better when the actual product matches! ••Rebersburg, Pa

Herlocher's Dipping Mustard

This is another one of those staple PSU tailgating products! This company has been making its mark since 1978, known as DIPPS at the time the sweet and rough dipping mustard that began as a tangy accompaniment to the pretzels at the bar in our area, and now and has been for some time available in our grocery stores. Family owned, locally made on an heirloom recipe from the old country. Hey you can go wrong with it, its salt free, and gluten free! ••State College, Pa

Goot Essa

Amish Sharp Cheddar Cheese- How fun is it to say Goot Essa, maybe it's just me, but the best thing is how good it taste in your mouth! The first time trying this cheese was in a grilled cheese with Ways Fruit Farm apples! Needless to say I am now hooked and I love it in my salads, on the meat and cheese trays, and sometimes just solely for a snack! Their recipe has been in the family forever so you could say this is handcrafted cheese at its finest! ••Howard, PA

Dietz & Watson - Mini Chorizo

The Meat Stick or rather Dietz & Watson has been providing high quality meats since 1939, so we think they probably know what they are doing! In 1975 they expanded and continued growing and today they are on the 4th generation of family carrying out the brand! Very impressive! ••Philadelphia, Pa

Bella Donna’s-Tea and Tea Tools

The herb shop has a little bit of everything and if it doesn't have exactly what you are looking for, Bella gets right on that! A grur of the herb world, she can mix you up a tea to do just about anything! For our gifts we usually stick to the lighter end and purchase green or black tea always asking for a lil rose petal added in! Yum! ••Lemont, Pa

Roots-Deodorant/ Face Cream

The best part about using this product (Roots Deodorant) is knowing there are 7 ingredients, all natural, handmade, packaged in a tin and it smells great! The face cream is equally as pleasing and we have enjoyed looking younger over here @ The Giving Box! We facetimed prior to Roots being apart of the Giftboxes, which Jessica stated that her making of the products had been happening for a few years, but with her partner's encouragement she took the leap, establishing her business now selling at flea market events in her area! We are really happy to have Roots around! ••Carlisle, Pa

Penn’s Mill Best- Hemp Seed Oil

We love knowing where our food is coming from and oil being on that list of importance! We feel hemp can holds healing property and on the bottle it already states organic and that it is a superfood so why wouldn't you love this product! Replace your plastic containers of olive oil from who knows where with this! ••Montoursville, Pa

Rip Rap Baking- Real Salt

Crackers that are made locally and taste awesome since 2008! We were surprised at the product we purchased and tried. They are actually really good so we had to be their vendor! Husband- Wife Owners but expanding their business and ship to all parts of the world! ••Mt.Pleasant Mills, Pa

Lost Hollow Honey

Honey that is produced with minimum processing. 100% pure and natural with no preservatives, chemicals, or additives. We love healing with natural remedies so it's no surprise that we use local honey for the common cold, sore throats, and when allergy season hits, and just in a cup of tea once in a while! ••Spring Mills, Pa

Tait Farm Foods

We carry a few of there lines mustards/jams/shrubs-the Tait family purchased the farm in 1950 both were Penn State graduates started their business with the product shrub, if you have never tried it you need too! They had an excessive of raspberries 1986 and a family friend reminded Mr.Tait of an old colonial beverage called Raspberry Shrub. The first bottles were made in their kitchen in 1987 and since that time has grown into a line of more than 50- value- added products! ••Centre Hall, Pa

Homegrown Flavor Co

Rediscovering the lost art form of making great-tasting, well-balanced, cocktails using fresh ingredients and handcrafted bitters, syrups, shrubs, and sugars. Nicholas is so passionate about his product and the quality of local food source the product contains. They are working with local chefs as part of their sustainability initiatives to bring our area farm to table garden cocktails! I can wait to get to the Hublersburg Inn to give them a try! ••Lemont, Pa

Ian Staunton-Handmade Pottery

Using my favorite glazes and pieces that I love Ian creates his art in his home studio! This guy can make you whatever you want & you’ll want to use it everyday! ••State College, Pa

Contempo Jewelry

Handmade jewelry line that is always coming up with the freshest designs- Staci sells her art at the trendiest fleas in PA and has her line featured in many brick and mortars including West Elm! We love wearing her jewelry and so glad she wanted to be apart! ••Stormstown, Pa

Belle Naturals- Soaps/Sun Sticks

Women owned business taking their hobby and making it into something more, working together and steadily extending their line of products they offer. We always love knowing what's in the products we use, so it's no surprise we love their sunstick! Made with locally sourced organic ingredients this sunstick will give any other brand a run for their money. Roll it on and dap it into your skin. ••Bellefonte, Pa

Color Penn State Color Book

Megan Elmer an educator at a matured montessori school is responsible for creating this fun little color book for kiddos! It has the important Penn State monuments you most likely visit while visiting the area. State College, Pa

Ear Emporium-Wooden Earrings

K.C. & Amy are about the most lovable peeps you could meet. K.C. is the artist and Amy is his supervisor! Ha! They opened up a really cute local shop in The Nittany Mall that has just about anything you need including food and beverages. If you are in the area pop by and say Hey! ••State College, Pa

Still Not A Hippie

Lavender Perfume/Boobie Balm/Lip Balm- as you can see we are a big supporter of Pam’s local all natural products...That Boobie Balm for the new Mum works so well and not having to use to much can be passed along to other new Mums! She works at the local market during the day and by night she is the mixologist. You may catch her at the hottest fleas during the weekend as she is a business savvy woman grinding steadily! ••State College, Pa

Sunny Brae Buzz

Baby Butt Rash Ointment- when it comes to your baby especially, you want to know exactly what is being put on them hence why we sought out SunnyBrae Buzz! An ingredients list that is all very readable and proven to work we knew she was the maker we wanted in our New Babes Boxes. ••West Chester, Pa

The Wild Textile

Lizz is a very awesome chick whose love for the outdoors excites her as much as making her wonderful products to share with the world. She makes quilts, ties, wall hangings but a product we do not leave home without is her naturally hand dye hankies. Everyone uses a tissue now and again why not represent elegance while blowing your nose. ••Bethlehem, Pa

Lydia’s Lavender

Local Small Batch Lavender Farm, producing a few various kinds of the crop. Named after her first granddaughter, Melissa enjoys passing off her free time in the garden. You could say this is a farm to giving box arrangement! ••Warrior’s Mark, Pa

Big Spring Spirits

Our favorite local distillery that receives tons of recognition for its smart building. It's the finest of spirits I have ever consumed, and you ask how we know? We have never gotten a hangover on this stuff and believe me, we should a couple of times! ••Bellefonte, Pa

Cafe Lemont Coffee

We are partial to this roastery since we do live across the street, however its quaintness, warm and welcoming vibe is what sets this above the rest! They roast their coffee in an vintage model beautiful roaster and all their blends are to die for! This is a must stop on the State College map so swing through if you are near and will not be disappointed! ••Lemont, Pa

J.M.Boswell Pipes

Handmade Wooden Pipes & Cigars- Before I met J.M. all I really knew is Johnny Depp owns a one of a kind piece made by Boswell..let me say as a lady being born in the early 80s, I loved me Some Johnny Depp. J.M.’s shop had a really nice vibe going on there, & it’s something about the aromas of cigars that I have always loved. His pipes and voice(born and raised in Alabama) take you back to a time when life was slower paced, way more labor intensive work and living, but maybe easier in some ways. He was full of great information about owning and running a business after he has had his for 40 years and still continually growing. ••Alexandria, Pa

Smart Water

- Obviously this isn’t a Pennsylvania product, however at times when delivering to hotels for guests that will be staying, water is a necessity! We are dedicated to keeping our promises to ourselves as an eco-friendly company and that is why we choose this brand… Smart Water bottles are being taken to the dusty trails by storm, why you ask they easily fit into your pack holders, throw a Sawyer Mini filter on there and you have a lightweight water carrying vessel.

Our Nutty Mix

A healthy little snack that you cannot feel guilty about! •• Sunbury, Pa

Little Peaches Shop

When we were compiling our products for our baby gift boxes, we need a textile and that is when we found this business operating out of Lancaster using a designer dream materials and patterns, we knew we need this company in our box. Her seamstress work has stood the test of time and we are so happy she obliged to join. ••Lancaster, Pa

410 Surface Design

Michelle is a mother of 3 grown kiddos who exudes class from her dress style, to her home decor to the tea towels and various textiles she creates. She is an art educator, as she teaches many classes at the local Makery. ••State College, Pa

M&C Naturals

The brother sister duo has the magic mix. We love their faceline as that elixir has taken years of my age. Their salve is healing for dry skin and great on a sunburn. And their eucalyptus and mint scrub is great for dry skin and fun and smells great while applying in the shower! I love this team and so glad they were eager to join up with us! ••Harrisburg, Pa

Print Fresh Studio

Husband & wife team who holds quit the resume was just named one of the fastest growing companies in Philadelphia. The company makes various styles of textiles but we loved their journals so much we had to have them! ••Philadelphia, Pa

Fasta Pasta

Who doesn’t love good pasta? And Fasta does it just right making it from scratch! A quick and easy meal made 15 minutes outside of State College! ••Pleasant Gap, Pa