If you are looking here in this section, Congratulations on your engagement!  We are so excited for this new chapter in your life, and from experience being married to your BFF is amazing!   However planning a wedding can be a ton of work, and we here to take some of that work away.  You have picked your lovely ladies and groomers to stand by your side on your life changing day for a reason, so giving them a gift that is meaningful and useful can be time consuming.  That is where we swoop in and lend a helping hand!

How the process works! 
A meeting is held in some way and whichever you are most comfortable with. Facetime, Slack, In Person, Over the Phone, An Email, which is a lot of composing for you so if we can at least chat, then we can take the notes!  What we would like to know is... about each person in your party. We want to know names, interests, hobbies, style, etc… the more personal you describe them, the more custom we can get their gifts. 
Some questions to get you started in the right direction… Are they coffee drinkers, winos, cocktail enjoyers?  Do they enjoy spicy foods? Are they outdoor enthusiast? And if so what do they like to do, hike bike, swim, boat, ect… What’s their style boho, modern, chic, camo? Do they love cooking? Are they breakfast lovers? Ect… 
Some questions for you! Wedding Date Does your wedding have a theme? What are your wedding colors? Do you have a hashtag? What state will your wedding be held? Budget? 
After we have chatted, we will begin to create your gifts!  When we have completed the creative process, we email you a picture and product list of each gift each and you Love everything about them or see somethings that can be tweaked...we correct those items and wait for your approval on them.  After you say Yasss! To the gifts, we are ready for the next phase. 

 Delivery-Arrange a Pick-Up-Shipping 
Delivery- we can delivery to your home, or wedding venue on the date requested. State College area is free delivery Outside of State College standard mileage rates apply (54.5 cents every mile of travel) 
Arrange a Pick-Up 
We can discuss those options when we get to that point in the process 
We use USPS Postal Services, allow at least two business days for shipping. Shipping rates will be an added fee. 
Local Central Pennsylvania Weddings 
We offer an staging option to our local wedding venues that adds another Wowza effect! We place the gifts integrating seasonal flowers and material and other props around your gifts making it an eye-poppin sight, also looking amazing in photographs!  
Rates for this service offered 
$50.00 for each set up ( bridal & groomsmen) Includes clean up after the party has opened their gifts 
We accept credit, debit cards, paypal, checks, and cash 
We also offer payment plan options…of which half of the budget allotment is required up front prior to gifts being created.  Then after your approval of the gifts we can discuss what payment plan option is best for you and the beginning date of the plan. 
We hope we have given you a good idea of how this process works, however if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask!  We can be reached at 814-506-7670 or our email at [email protected] thegivingbox.club!  We are so happy for you and  this exciting time in your life making the best memories! XOXO